Arbor Springs


There has been much said and written in the popular press about the quality and purity of bottled water. In many cases, the broadcasts or articles contain significant errors, or omit important information. At Arbor Springs, we recognize that such reporting can lead to confusion and concern among the general public.

To ensure that our bottled water exceeds all government-mandated standards, Arbor Springs conducts a thorough annual analysis of each of our water products. The findings, produced by an independent laboratory, are sent in a “snapshot” format to our customers (to see the most recent condensed report click the link below). Additionally, the full report is available by contacting our offices at 1333 Jones Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48105. Further, we maintain membership in the Michigan Water Quality Association – the leading state body – to stay current on the best practices in production, purification techniques and testing of bottled water.

We believe that nothing is more important than safeguarding our customers, and we welcome any and all questions that you may have concerning water quality. E-mail us at or call (734) 668-8270 to learn more. Whether you prefer our Artesian water or Purified water, you can have complete confidence in the purity and safety of any Arbor Springs bottled water product.